‘…a clandestine collection of some of the most eclectic minds of horror. The Pen of the Damned tread where you dare not walk.  Breathe what you dare not dream.  Share what you dare not speak.’

We’re a group of writers dedicated to writing dark fiction. Each week, one of us takes their turn to post a short piece of writing revolving around themes of angst and horror. Sometimes these are supernatural, other times real, or absurd. We each have our own voices, our own styles, our own dark predilections. My entries are compiled below.

‘Wolf Song’ (August 2012)
‘[…] harmony between twisted darkness and beauty. This one will haunt my thoughts for a long time to come.’

‘The Flock (October 2o12)
‘The awareness of being different can be devastating. You have done a wonderful job of expressing that in this piece.’

‘The Devil Comes To Whitby’ (December 2012)
‘You managed to capture such an ugly truth into a beautiful piece of prose.’

‘Route UB1’ (February 2013)
‘A gritty, sharp cadence filled with dynamic visuals.’

‘The Library’ (May 2013)
‘[…] important and darkly moving tale.’

‘Lady Crocodile’ (July 2013)
‘It lends mystery and compassion […] gloriously weird.’

‘Distant Shores’ (September 2013)
‘[…] beats with mystic life.’

‘Weeping Willow’ (December 2013)
‘Poetic […] a beauty.’

‘Medusa Burns’ (February 2014)
‘A beautifully sad tale of hope.’

‘Do Not Recycle’ (April 2014)
‘It’s a beautiful piece built of wicker and fruit, dust and tears…’

‘All These Voices’ ((July 2014)
‘Surreal and sublime, mysterious and haunting.’

‘Shooting Stars’ (September 2014)
‘Disturbing and haunting […] sensitively written.’


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