It’s that time of month again and rent is due. Evening is falling fast, drowning the city in dark hues of purple. I’m starting to get a little edgy, a little nervous, as…

Thank You

I hope everyone has taken a few days out to kick back and make the most of the holidays this year. I have had a very special Christmas with family and friends, which… Continue reading

3. Unknown Wonder

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H.P.Lovecraft, ‘Supernatural Horror in Literature’ It has become apparent that the… Continue reading

The Other Side of Bethlehem

Soft caressing satin sheets the finest weave laid out awaiting our grey mistress today the surroundings a lowly cave but tomorrow she says ” it will be a palace” for she is deserved…


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OF A DARKER ART Got hell in mouth Devil on tongue Voodoo mama on brain Demon in heart. Dig bones from dirt Bury spleens in hearth Keep…

Damned Words 10

Misery Thomas Brown Misery rolled with the dogs in the shadows of Tompkin’s shed. On August 25th, 1968, Mike Callahan hung himself from a cross-beam in the ceiling. The wood was old and riddled…

2. The Romantic Sublime

“But Gothic art is sublime. On entering a cathedral, I am filled with devotion and awe; I am lost to the actualities that surround me, and my whole being expands into the infinite;… Continue reading

Lynnwood | Thomas Brown

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Lynnwood (ebook ISBN 9781907230424)  by Thomas Brown is a horror about a town with a dark secret. The unthinkable is happening in Lynnwood – a village…


I fantasise about a world in which hospitality is an accurate descriptor for the industry it is used to describe. In this world, hospitality can be experienced in many forms. It can be… Continue reading

RELEASE: Broken Worlds

Earlier this year I was incredibly humbled to place first in the annual Almond Press Short Story Competition. From my entry and a number of shortlisted entries by some genuinely talented writers, Almond Press has successfully… Continue reading