A Matter of Time

I would apologise for my lack of posts lately, except that apologising seems rather pointless, and no one should apologise for life getting in the way of things anyway! So instead I will… Continue reading

Graham Greene

Graham Greene

Revising (and revising again)

When is a piece of writing finished? Can anyone truly look at their work and say ‘yes, this is perfect’? Even then, would they still feel the same way in two years? In… Continue reading

Creative Collaboration

One of the best things about writing (and where it will always sit better than cinema) is its potential for interpretation. Every scene, every character and every moment is open to different realisation… Continue reading

Question Time

I have been aching to talk a little about my current writing project, and courtesy of the lovely Adriana Noir, I now have the ideal opportunity! The game is called ‘The Next Big… Continue reading


A few photographs have surfaced from the University of Southampton’s Literary Festival, where I read on Monday alongside my fellow postgraduate students. (Follow Tig’s┬áblog HERE, and Aiysha’s HERE.) There are only a couple… Continue reading

Literary Festival, 17/9/12

The more the merrier! Come along on Monday, enjoy a glass of wine and listen to our readings. We’re quite an eclectic bunch of writers and would love to talk to you about… Continue reading


‘The river is familiar to him. He has been this way many times before, and witnessed the blasted oak, its roots splayed like splintered bone, the willows, their long, limp branches overhanging the… Continue reading

Twisted Realities with Thomas James Brown

Earlier this year I had the immense pleasure of working with the ladies at Sirens Call Publications on their latest anthology, TWISTED REALITIES: OF MYTH AND MONSTROSITY: Explore the twelve tales of horror… Continue reading

Wolf Song

This August marked my debut post with Pen of the Damned, an online writing community dedicated to the celebration of dark fiction. For my introductory piece I wanted something that would stand out,… Continue reading