“One must be possessed of the Devil to succeed in any of the arts.” Voltaire. When darkness falls the Devil comes to Whitby. As the sun fades, an old man sits writing in…

Passion Food

Quite recently, I have come to recognise the real reason behind my love for Masterchef, and that is a love for watching someone pour their heart and soul into what is essentially a… Continue reading

Artists’ Corner – Jemma Gorrod

Jemma Gorrod is an artist from Witney, Oxfordshire. One of her favourite art forms is collage, so when she agreed to do some artwork inspired by my upcoming novel, it was this form… Continue reading

Developments and Thanks

A brief update to announce that Sparkling Books has revealed a new page for LYNNWOOD on its website. It is still early days but you can read a little more about the book… Continue reading

“To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.”

I think this quote, by Joseph Chilton Pearce, translates well into all areas of our lives. With so much pressure to succeed, to win and to be permanently right, it is an invigorating… Continue reading

‘The Lurking Fear’

Having recently reread the title story, and in the interest of the season, I thought I would share some thoughts here. Those of you who have read ‘The Lurking Fear’, by H.P. Lovecraft,… Continue reading


We have a date, ladies and not-so-gentlemen! My upcoming novel, LYNNWOOD, set in a fictional village in Hampshire’s New Forest, is due for release 17/06/13!

Let’s Talk Genre

It is the age-old debate of literary VS. genre fiction: which kind of writing comes out on top? Both camps have their fanatics. The struggle is vicious is ugly. And many fine stories… Continue reading

Sneak Peek

A glimpse of some WIP artwork to accompany the release of LYNNWOOD, courtesy of the talented Jemma Gorrod. They are suitably blurred, so as not to give much away. More pictures and information about Jemma… Continue reading

trans lit mag

This week I have had the pleasure of seeing one of my short pieces, ‘Wolf Song‘, appear in trans lit mag’s issue #8. With this in mind, I thought I would write a… Continue reading