Interviews with:

Zack Kullis (Flashbangs and Fiction, February 7 2013)

Jaimie Engle (Jaimiengle, May 10 2013)

Karen Woods (University of Southampton, July 2013)

Maté Jarai (PlanetIvy, November 27 2013)

Kate Golden (Inksty, February 27 2014)

Nina D’Arcangela (The Road to Nowhere, August 2014)

Christina Crook (Almond Press, September 2014)

Joining the Ranks: Thomas Brown (Zest Digital, March 2015)


The Storytellers’ Anthology Launch Party (University of Southampton, September 22 2012)

Lynnwood Book Signing (Waterstones Witney, June 29 2013)

Live with Kat Orman! (BBC Radio Oxford, August 6 2013)

‘Writing the Novel’ Workshop (University of Southampton, December 2 2013)

The People’s Book Prize Awards Dinner (Stationers Hall, London, May 2014)

Featherbones Book Signing (Waterstones Witney, February 13 2016)