RELEASE: Broken Worlds

10527513_334044916750939_5402778848816997902_nEarlier this year I was incredibly humbled to place first in the annual Almond Press Short Story Competition. From my entry and a number of shortlisted entries by some genuinely talented writers, Almond Press has successfully compiled its third anthology – BROKEN WORLDS.

The anthology theme is self-explanatory, but when compared with the press’ previous two anthologies it really sings – first we had THE FALL, then AFTER THE FALL. Now we can read about what comes next. Dystopias. Discrimination, repression, suppression, strange worlds and familiar ones, fear and perhaps a little hope. As with most anthologies, the flavours, voices and styles of writing are broad and should appeal to a wide variety of readers.

Almond Press works tirelessly to produce its annual anthologies and it would mean a great deal to me if we could help to make this one their biggest success yet. They are a small, independent press based in Scotland and I’m sure they will be appreciative of any support we can give them. The ebook is released today, with a paperback (their first!) to follow next month. So please do pick up a copy and tread with careful feet over the broken remnants of our world, and those like it…

BROKEN WORLDS – Tales of Dystopia

The Sad Man – by Thomas Brown
Vision of Paradise – by Clare Banks
The Deepening Well – by Sam Hurcom
The Paperboy – by Gemma L Thompson
The Farm – by George Vernon
Dreg Town – by Steph Minns
It Was the Best of Times – by Konstantine Paradias
Urbanova – by Christian Cook
Carved in Ice – by Doxa J. Zannou
Watch – by Miles Gatrell
Water Rats – by Terry Holland
Pioneer – by Joe Saxon
Leadership Gene – by Francis Beckett
Equity Lamp – Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger
Graduate Scheme – by Holly Seddon
Silva’s Plague – by Ian Green
Meat is Murder – by David Turnbull
Machinations – by Shira Hereld
The Last Canvas – by Paul Dawson
Screens – by Alix Owen
The Rebel’s Daughter – by Virginia Ballesty
The Insects – by Gavin Bryce
The Secret Rooms – by Claire Smith
The Architect – by Gavin Haran
3AM Job – by Mark Schultz

Cover art by Daniel Tyka


One Comment Add yours

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Just purchased my copy, Thomas! I’m very happy for you – grand job! Be proud! 🙂

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