New Releases

“From the cool, bright confines of the conservatory, I might be watching a television screen, or peering through space into a different place where there is no glass, no pale spotlights, no lace doylies or marble Olympians; only blackness and heat and the savage light that comes when these two things collide. The paddocks that I have fenced off and knocked down and re-fenced for twenty years flicker ominously. Jumps and their poles cast long-legged silhouettes across the ground. The stable walls lose definition, sagging on their frames, slumping softly, cracking and becoming black before drifting hotly on the wind; new stars, made for a blacker, more noxious night…”
‘Shooting Stars’

RELEASE: NIGHT WALKERS , TWISTED and LAST NIGHT are three new anthologies from fledgling Thirteen O’ Clock Press, featuring my short stories ‘Shooting Stars’, ‘Do No Recycle’ and ‘Medusa Burns’ respectively. Pick up a copy and support the press if dark fiction and short story collections are your thing. I haven’t a bad word to say about the press to date; they are a professional setup and Thirteen O’ Clock’s editor, Dorothy Davies, is a wonderful woman.





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