Consolation of Horror

The best part of writing is when a reader absolutely ‘gets’ something that you have written; when they connect with the heart and soul of the story. Ligotti explains it better than I ever could, albeit from the reader’s perspective, when he writes, in ‘The Consolations of Horror’ (1982):

“…it is the ultimate, that is, the only consolation: simply that someone shares some of your own feelings and has made of these a work of art which you have the insight, sensitivity, and – like it or not – peculiar set of experiences to appreciate.”

He goes on to say: “The consolation of horror […] actually intensifies our panic, loudens it on the sounding-board of our horror-hallowed heart, turns terror up full blast, all the while reaching for that perfect and deafening amplitude at which we may dance to the bizarre music of our own misery.”

For me, this LYNNWOOD review is just that:

“There seems to be a rise of primordial themed horror recently with The Ritual, Memory of Trees, the Darkening and I like it! LYNNWOOD is a beautifully crafted tale of what is left when you strip away civilisation – primal instinct. Gorgeously descriptive, poetic and eloquent the author masterfully builds an atmosphere of creeping dread leading as Midwinter approaches. The reader, inside the head of Freya, experiences the conflict between living by the rules or fulfilling base desires.

LYNNWOOD left me pondering is the primal instinct of savagery that exists within all of us more fundamental to the human psyche than we dare imagine. It is a book to be savoured….”


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