Meet the Damned: Thomas Brown

The Road to Nowhere...

What can I say about a young cutie who loves wine, cooks like the head chef at a 3 Star Michelin restaurant, and bakes like Julia Child? I can say he pens beautifully organic and artful prose as well! Take my hand and lets walk across the nearly silent cobbled road for an early morning visit with a man who is quietly bursting out of the gate at breakneck speed. I know, it shouldn’t seem possible to quietly burst, yet much like Thomas Brown himself, it is a complexity well worth exploring. Welcome to The Road to Nowhere… LDP!

Who is this Darkling of Despair?
Thomas Brown

Thomas_BrownAs I write this, it has just gone four a.m. The house is silent, but my window is ajar and the sounds of the outside world trickle inside: the wind in the trees, the occasional lorry making its morning rounds, a background chorus…

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