Meet the Damned: Tyr Kieran

The Road to Nowhere...

What have we here? It seems Tyr Kieran has shed his mild demeanor, gone beyond mere darkness into the inky black other to drag us deep within his own psyche while thrashing his tail a bit.  “Your dinner is in the oven!” Mmm-mmmh – a great flick, and one that for the past few years this particular deviant has brought to mind. I may have to reassess that particular association; I do believe something a bit more sinister is called for in Master Kieran’s case. Shall we trespass on his hallowed ground, learn more about his fascination with horror? After you, damnlings…

Darkness Unleashed
Tyr Kieran

It’s difficult to determine whether the darkness was always there, or if a series of events and influences conjured it into being. Am I a tortured soul hanging on to sanity with an ever loosening grip? No… at least I don’t think so. Have…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Thomas!! 🙂

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