The People’s Book Prize


In February I discovered that LYNNWOOD had been submitted to The People’s Book Prize, “a national competition aimed at finding, supporting & promoting new and undiscovered works.” As I understand it, winning entries are those that receive the most votes from readers who have enjoyed the books and want to help raise awareness of them.

Two months into voting, I feel incredibly humbled – not only to have been put forward for the award in the first place, but by the support that I’ve received so far. It has been a real pleasure to read some of the comments left by readers of the book on the voting page; people who have found the book moving, thrilling, frightening, people who have loved the themes, the writing, the setting, the language… For a writer, these kinds of responses are as good as it gets. So I would like to say thank you for your support, for reading me and for giving me a chance.

There is about a month left in which to vote, so if you have read LYNNWOOD and would like to support me, please register and vote at the link below. It takes a few minutes, and there is a small space in which to leave your thoughts, if you feel like it.

If you haven’t read the book yet and would like to do so, Sparkling Books have reduced the Kindle price especially for the voting period. You can download a copy from Amazon for just over £1.00 / $1.80



3 Comments Add yours

  1. zkullis says:

    Best of luck with this my friend! You certainly deserve it. This is a fantastic book!

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Congrats, Thomas! Well deserved, brother! 🙂

  3. Thomas Brown says:

    Thank you both. Fingers crossed!

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