On Reviews

“…a beautifully crafted tale of what is left when you strip away civilisation – primal instinct. Gorgeously descriptive, poetic and eloquent the author masterfully builds an atmosphere of creeping dread leading as Midwinter approaches…”

It is a rare thing when a reader interprets a story in the precise way the story’s writer intended them to. In penning a story, the writer can offer only so much; it is then the reader’s role to bring their own experiences, perceptions and understanding to the table. Between the story the writer envisions in their head, the book in which it is captured and the reader who brings it to life, there is a lot of room for differing interpretations.

So it is a special thing, I think, when every so often you come across a review that seems to express wonderfully the same sentiments you carried when writing a story. Someone, somewhere, has read your work and appreciated it in just the way you intended. That is not to discredit other readers and their interpretations. It is simply a joy to hear something of your own voice in someone else’s words.

With this in mind, I would like to share a link to a recent review of LYNNWOOD (HERE), which really brought me pleasure to read.


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  1. jaimiengle says:

    Fantastic review. Congratulations!!

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