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“I do very strongly believe that the best sort of fiction is written from personal concern. Those concerns have to be fresh in your head, and if they’re not then they’re dead. I write out of anxiety and obsession, I write out of hope and passion.”
Clive Barker

I would like to post some of the encouraging reviews that have been coming in for LYNNWOOD through Amazon and Waterstones. It is a terrifying thing to share your private words with readers; what means most to you will not necessarily mean the same thing to other people. We are all different, and while it is easy enough to adapt in social situations, to smile and laugh when appropriate, to put on a public face when leaving the house in the morning, this is not possible with fiction. I write from my heart about the things that frighten me most. Clive Barker expresses these feelings very well in the above quote.

You can imagine the anxiety, then, which comes with unmasking oneself through the writing in the pages of a book. Your words are in the readers’ hands, and they will interpret them in their own way. Our personal experiences shape our understanding of the world and the language we use to describe it. So it is a wonderful thing to read that some people are appreciating LYNNWOOD for the vein in which it was written; that they understand, if not empathise with, the kind of horror I am exploring. Thank you!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. jaimiengle says:

    Very well put. I know exactly how you feel now. As much as I wanted to publish my first book, once I realized strangers would be reading it, I suddenly wanted to tear up my contract and take my book back!! LOL… pretty funny. We writers are a bit quirky.

  2. Thomas Brown says:

    Definitely, Jaimie. A kind of never-ending stage fright!

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