Books are my Drug reviews LYNNWOOD

Earlier in the year, C. B. Blanchard of Books are my Drug reviewed a copy of my book, LYNNWOOD. She had some wonderful things to say about my writing and it occurred to me that if someone has taken the time to read and favourably review something I have written, then the least I can do is help share that review.  With this in mind, I would like to link C. B. Blanchard’s review below, in what will be first of a number of blog shares. Hopefully the reviews will help give a better impression of what the book is like. And, of course, I feel proud of them!

“Can we talk about the thing I loved most first? The writing. Oh, my word, the writing. It was the sort of writing that makes you marvel at how good it is, flowing and swirling and building until it’s created whole worlds of dread and fear around you.”
Read the full review HERE.

My thanks to C. B. Blanchard for reviewing my work.

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