Waterstones Book Launch


On Saturday 29th June I met with friends, family and local readers at Waterstones Witney to talk about my new book, LYNNWOOD, and officially launch it in-store. It was one of the best days of my life and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to talk about reading, writing and horror in a semi-professional capacity. I was at first nervous that no one would turn up, then doubly so when people did start arriving and I realised quite how many people I would be talking to! But I gave it my best shot (a glass of wine helped) and everybody seemed delighted with what I had to say. The store sold out of their copies and I even managed a few signatures! 

A lot of being a writer involves sitting on your own, working from thoughts in your own head. It therefore felt very  strange to find myself standing in front of a group of people talking about my writing. I was really happy to see so many familiar faces among the crowd and absolutely recommend the experience to anyone with a new release, or something literary to say. I really hope you enjoy the pictures, and hope they tempt you to read into the book.




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  1. zkullis says:

    Way to go Thomas! Cheers. It would have been fun to be there and see that. Congratulations!

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Cheers, Zack. You were all there in spirit!

  2. Congratulations, Tom! That’s fantastic, and I’m so happy for you that it went well!! 🙂

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Thanks, Nina! Doing my bit for the Damned community.

      1. And Damned proud of you for it! 😉

  3. Joseph Pinto says:

    So happy for you, Tom!!

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Cheers, Mr. Pinto! I hope you’re feeling better. Show that shoulder who’s boss.

      1. Joseph Pinto says:

        Thanks, Tom. Oh I will 😉

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