The Horror Zine

Summer 2013 Front Cover Kindle“Since 2009, The Horror Zine has published exceptional horror fiction by emerging talent and today’s leading authors. Editor Jeani Rector selects only the most inventive and captivating tales for each issue. In addition to short fiction, The Horror Zine features horror-themed poetry and artwork. Now The Horror Zine brings you the dark delights from the ezine into a print magazine. This Summer 2013 issue features Mark LaFlamme, Eric LaRocca, Kevin Crisp, Garrett Rowlan, A. D. Vick, Thomas Brown, Andrew Marinus, Kristen Houghton, Thomas Joyce, Ashley Dioses, Jay Wilburn, Cynthia Pelayo, David Landrum, Jean Jones, Joe Meredith, Harjit Singh Sagoo, Norbert Hirschhorn, Christopher Hivner, Kristin Roahrig, Nathan Rock, Mathias Jansson, Nathaniel Arnold, Fred R. Kane, K. A. Opperman, Ghia Vitale, Joseph V. Danoski, Mol Smith, Andrea Astaldo, Jeffrey Oleniacz, Denny E. Marshall, Chasity Colón, Boe and Irony.”

I am delighted to be included in this anthology, in the company of such distinguished writers and artists. There is something for everyone in here. My contribution is ‘The Faceless Brides’, in which a young girl is visited in her sleep by three shapeless harridans. The collection itself is excellent, as is to be expected from The Horror Zine, so if anthologies are your poison of choice then I recommend supporting Jeani and the team by picking this one up


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Copy purchased! Looking forward to reading your tale, Thom!!!

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Brilliant, enjoy the read, Joe!

  2. zkullis says:

    I can’t wait to check it out! (way to go!!)

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Thanks, Zack. I had a great time with ‘The Faceless Brides’. I hope readers enjoy it!

  3. A little late, but eventually I get there! I just picked up my copy too!! 🙂

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      You are wonderful, Nina. Thank you!

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