Book Shrine

Book Shrine

It has gone by many names. The Wall of Words. Literary Jenga. The Book Shrine, where pacts are sworn, dark knowledge gleaned and murder most foul committed across yellowing, well-worn pages. Virgins might even be sacrificed before it (depending on how successful a night out it has been). In short, it is an acting bookcase featuring an eclectic collection of reads, from classic horror and young adult lit to high fantasy, weird tales and some of the best contemporary writing belonging to our genre.

It goes without saying that our books speak volumes about the kinds of people we are, but to see a person’s private collection is a beautiful thing, I think. Are you a bedside reader? What does your bookcase say about you?


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  1. What a lovely shrine you have, my dear! 😉

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      May it continue to grow!

      1. …and grow, and grow, and grow. With your name embossed on many of the spines!

  2. Odinz9 says:

    Mine says the world.

  3. brentabell says:

    My bookcase says I need more bookcases. I have tried to exceede its weight limit…

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Save the bookshelf, before it’s too late!

  4. zkullis says:

    You are absolutely right. Our books (and even the shelf, or lack thereof) speak volumes about the kind of people we are.

    I’m not a bedside reader and my Wall of Words reflects that. My reading is done while traveling, commuting, or when I’m eating or having a drink at a restaurant or pub.

    As far as what I have there? I have a few work-related books, a few reference guides, and then a plethora of great fiction, including the complete works of Poe, Anne Rice, King, Koontz, Thomas Harris, some Dennis Lehane, and The Book of Cthulhu (edited by Ross E Lockhart).

    Then we have my Kindle. Oh boy….

    My collection is not nearly large enough, Lynnwood isn’t in there yet!


    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Quite the collection, Zack! I would recommend some Thomas Ligotti, the short stories of Angela Carter and some Adam Nevill, if you’re looking to add to it. All haunting, atmospheric and nightmarish, in their own ways. I’m looking forward to sharing Lynnwood, when it is finally released. It’s a slender volume and won’t take much space at all!

      1. zkullis says:

        Thank you for the recommendations!

  5. Joseph Pinto says:

    I’m a “why can’t I get the time to read more” bookshelvy kinda guy! lol

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Stop washing, start reading, Squatch. 😉

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