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“He should have seen this coming, he thought, touching the man – his friend – by the shoulder. No, he knew this had been coming. They both had, although neither would have admitted it. Such things were beyond the complexity of words; base and beautiful. . .”
‘In The Dark’,

I hope everyone has had a productive week so far. If not, there’s still a few days left before the weekend reaches us. You still have time to redeem yourselves! I find myself with a little time this morning, so thought I would take the opportunity to update everyone on the last few months, with respect to my writing.

February saw the release of Almond Press’ debut anthology, Fall. Almond Press is a newly-established Scottish publisher of themed short story collections, for which they run entry competitions. I didn’t win the competition, although my short story (‘Dark River’) was selected as one of the sixteen stories to feature in the collection, which is winning enough for me! With reviews like ‘unique and interesting’, ‘rich in quality’ and ‘truly immersive story-telling’, I think Almond Press should be very proud of their first collection.

February also saw the release of my next Pen of the Damned post, ‘Route UB1’. This is a very short piece of lyrical prose, resulting, I think, from a hectic few days on public transport, coupled with poetic influences like ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ and Channel 4’s Random. I feel very proud of it, as I feel it conveys well the sorts of themes I like to explore, offering another glimpse into a Damned world as I see it.

Finally, in March, ‘Notes from the Underground’ republished my flash piece, ‘In The Dark’. In this contemporary story, a man is woken in the night to a knocking at his door, where he shares an encounter with a drunk friend. The story was originally published in The Storytellers’ Anthology, but I am very glad to see it online, where it is more accessible to readers. NFTU has also paired it with a striking piece of abstract artwork, which I think complements the surreal turn of events in the story very well.

So it has been a busy few months! If you are interested, please do check out some of the stories and leave comments with your thoughts. Mostly I hope you enjoy them, and find them interesting. As always, thank you for stopping by.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. zkullis says:

    I hope your readers check out your stories. Every story I have read has been fantastic. Here’s to reading more of your work!


    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Mr. Kullis, your support knows no bounds! Cheers for the feedback, I’m honoured to count you among my readers.

      1. zkullis says:

        My pleasure Thomas, and thank you for the compliment.
        Good reads deserve good praise.


  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Outstanding Tom. I’m thrilled that you push and hone your talent continuously 🙂

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Always pushing, Joe. There is no end to the pushing!

  3. Excited for you Thomas and where your writing takes you from here. Enjoy that journey!!

    1. Thomas Brown says:

      Just seen this – thank you, Leslie! Looking forward to sharing the journey with my readers.

  4. steveberman says:

    I very much enjoyed your story.

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