Supportive Sentiments

For the vast majority of people, the world is a challenging place. Life will always find ways to disrupt you, throwing you off course. These challenges are not necessarily negative things; they force us to improve, to change, to rise to the current situation, and this makes them vital to any creative process. Lack of support does not need to be one of these challenges, however.

Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than spending your life doing the thing you love most is watching somebody else doing the same. To see them so happy in their work, so content, so proud of what they are achieving – regardless of their level – is the most magical thing, and it costs nothing to nurture this. I was originally just going to post the image below, but on finding myself here, I felt compelled to share my thoughts more personally. A word of encouragement is all it takes to keep someone’s spirits high, their determination true, and their progress developing. In our mad, material, money-grabbing world, where so much of their work will be lost or unappreciated, I think the artist deserves this much, at least.