A recent interview with Flashbang and Fiction’s Zack Kullis. Thank you, Zack, for the opportunity to talk a little about my writing.

Flashbangs and Fiction

Come with me on a journey, an excursion into murky depths as I stalk the abyss for the Damned.  We will commune with those who write for the Pen of the Damned.


I give to you, dear reader, a word of caution.  This odyssey is not for the faint of heart.  The abyss is home to beings that savor fear, feast on distress, and have mastered the realms of terror.  To go is to risk madness, terror, or an eternal sojourn among the bedeviled.  If you go, you must go freely, of your own will.  You accept?

*dark grin*    Let’s go.


Hold my cloak, don’t open your eyes, and tread lightly.  The abyss hold secrets you don’t want to know.


We approach a powerful corner on the path to deeper chasms.  This is the lair of Thomas Brown.  He has an old soul, and brings a calm potency to Pen…

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