We are all inspired by different things. A big influence on me is music. I know some writers find it distracting, preferring to work in peace and quiet. I get that; sometimes you’re so caught up in a scene or a moment that the slightest sound can throw you off. Generally speaking, however, I love listening to music while I write. It can help me to find a certain mood, empowering my writing, or complementing an atmosphere I am striving to reach. I think mostly it helps to clear my mind, so that I can lose myself in a character or narrative.

Favourite tracks include: Twice, by Little Dragon, The Fate of Little Adelaide, by Murray Gold, I’m Sleeping Under The Dead Tree, by Films, On the Nature of Daylight by Max Richter and Stumbleine’s remix of Leave The Light On, by Asa. These tracks share a common theme in that they move me when I hear them. I think it’s this that translates into emotive and stirring writing. Many of my Pen of the Damned posts were written to these tracks, as was Lynnwood – and much more music besides.

Do you write to music? Or is it a distracting influence?