Artists’ Corner – Jemma Gorrod

Jemma Gorrod is an artist from Witney, Oxfordshire. One of her favourite art forms is collage, so when she agreed to do some artwork inspired by my upcoming novel, it was this form that she chose to work in.

 Jemma graduated from De Montfort University, Leicester, in 2011 with a BA degree in Graphic Design and Illustration. Her artwork is typically surreal, striking and characterful, whether she is re-imagining a classic book cover or critiquing society. The collage style that she so enjoys is versatile and eye-catching and I feel very fortunate to have her on board RE: her artistic talents.

I am trying to build an online portfolio of images and art pieces related to my novel, LYNNWOOD, so Jemma’s collage preferences (and her accomplished eye for them) make the perfect addition. I think she has done an excellent job with the pieces she has produced so far. She has developed the themes that resonated with her the most into an abstract and somewhat grotesque set of images that sing of the inherent nature of Lynnwood’s residents, and perhaps the inherent nature of all of us, inside and out…