“To live a creative life we must first lose the fear of being wrong.”

I think this quote, by Joseph Chilton Pearce, translates well into all areas of our lives. With so much pressure to succeed, to win and to be permanently right, it is an invigorating and refreshing thing not to fear failure. There is nothing wrong with being wrong, except being frightened of it. We fail so that we learn. This knowledge and understanding develops us (and our writing) so that with every mistake we become more experienced and more adept.

Our lives depend on these mistakes. They humble us, so that we don’t overreach ourselves. They teach us, so that we become wiser. They show us that when things go wrong, we need only pick ourselves up and write about it, in order to carry on.

Every day we make decisions. Some of these are as simple as what we’re going to eat for breakfast, or what we would like to watch at the cinema. Others are more obviously life-changing. It is important that, no matter what, we take these decisions in our strides. Some people live their whole lives in fear of embarrassing themselves, or seeming wrong. It is this fear that holds them back, not the being wrong itself. Even a seemingly wrong decision opens up new avenues with new opportunities for us to take. We are always moving forwards, always.

So go, be brave, live and write. What else is there to do?