trans lit mag

This week I have had the pleasure of seeing one of my short pieces, ‘Wolf Song‘, appear in trans lit mag’s issue #8. With this in mind, I thought I would write a little about them and their magazine. It seems the least I can do, for the privilege of seeing my writing in print there!

In their own words, ‘trans lit mag is a continually-expanding quarterly name-changing online literary magazine’. Their USP (if I can call it that, given the issues are actually free to read) is this concept of name-changing, so that each issue focusses on a different ‘trans-‘ word and its various definitions. This characterful running theme ensures the issues (and their content) are interesting and topical, whilst remaining close to trans lit mag’s heart.

Issue #8 is ‘transpire’. I was intrigued by the suggested definitions of the word and the ways in which these related to my short story: to breath through, to perspire, to sweat, to reveal and to enlighten. By submitting my story to this issue over others, I was drawing attention to these specific aspects of it. I think this is a beneficial thing, as I feel that drawing out and focusing on these aspects of ‘Wolf Song’ enhances the atmosphere that I was going for.

Anyway, I could go on all day talking about the magazine and my writing. Check out trans lit mag HERE for some striking art and fiction, they are certainly worth it.

All the best!


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