Creative Collaboration

One of the best things about writing (and where it will always sit better than cinema) is its potential for interpretation. Every scene, every character and every moment is open to different realisation by their readers. There is something beautiful in this because, to me, it represents the ultimate collaboration: between reader and writer. No two people will ever read something and imagine it in precisely the same way. And how beautiful, how brilliant that is!

With this collaborative vein in mind, I am in the process of commissioning several artists and designers to create pieces inspired by my upcoming book, LYNNWOOD. These might range from pencil sketches to watercolours, collages, to photographs, sculptures to paintings. The details are not important, only that they touch on some of the book’s themes, helping to bring it to life in the months leading up to its release, and afterwards.

I’m very excited to see what the individual creatives will come up with. Some I am giving more free reign, others I am prompting. With respects to the groups/societies that I’m contacting, I will drop by for a visit and have a chat with them about the project. The important thing is that over the next several months, some striking and resonant artwork will be gracing the pages of this blog, by some very talented individuals, which I’m really looking forward to displaying and sharing with my readers. The very first of these can, in fact, be glimpsed above: an early interpretation of one of the opening scenes of the book, courtesy of the terrific Tida Bradshaw.

Keep your eyes peeled!


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  1. Adriana Noir says:

    My eyelids are peeled, Thomas! I’m looking forward to seeing these!

    1. As am I, Adriana! I’m hoping for quite a variety of pieces. We shall see.

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