‘The river is familiar to him. He has been this way many times before, and witnessed the blasted oak, its roots splayed like splintered bone, the willows, their long, limp branches overhanging the next bend in the river, the encroaching beach by that same bend, where the bank gives way to mud and stones and slime, incandescent in the evening light. He remembers one evening, much like this one, when he was little more than a child. The first time he came to the river alone.’
Extract, ‘Dark River’

And what a month it promises to be! The 17th sees the University of Southampton’s annual Literary Festival, in which the MA Creative Writers unveil their yearly anthology of short stories. We also read some of our pieces and meet a number of individuals from the industry, making for an interesting and insightful day! I have attended one of these previously with my flash fiction, ‘Crowman’, and had a great time. I’m hoping this year is just as good!

The 22nd heralds the release of Tales of the River Volume 2, from Dark River Press. We have been working very hard on this issue, making sure that it is up to DRP’s particularly high standards, so hopefully it will be well received. Two of my own stories feature, ‘The Faceless Brides’ and ‘Dark River’, so keep your eyes peeled for these pieces! I feel they represent me and my writing very well.

Finally, the end of the month sees my return to university for the final year of my MA course. After a long summer break I have been itching to get back and am understandably excited to share my writing with a fresh batch of aspiring writers not unlike myself. I love the routine and the deadlines that the course demands from me. I talk a little more in depth about this at Horror Penned, for those who want to read more.

Anyway, I hope everyone else has an equally productive month. There are a few more developments I would love to share, but I will keep them under wraps for the moment. What’s life, without a few surprises?

Happy writing!


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